Our core business: delegated management


SPV Management

SPV, a central tool

Complex projects are often carried by a dedicated company, usually called SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle).

An instrument for groups

The Project Companies represent the capitalisation of the groups formed during the development periods of certain Projects. They are in fact used for Projects in which the investment is substantial, when the number of investors and lenders is large or when other more traditional methods of financing (leasing, etc.) are not possible.

A company with multiple functions

This company has the distinction of being at the same time:

  • An investment vehicle
  • The owner and project manager of the Project
  • The only contractualisation interface


Delegated investment portfolio management

Our clients, investors in particular, generally structure their development around an asset portfolio.

As well as intervening to take charge of companies, we can provide contractual, administrative and financial management of holding companies, in the logic of portfolio management, at your service.

Beyond the simple management of the company, we provide the role of adviser to Asset Managers or even designated representatives of investors (directors, administrators, board members, etc.)

The rationale remains the same: to ensure operational supervision, as close as possible to the projects, in order to identify and control risks over the long term.


Managing complex projects

We put our skills at the service of management committees and/or managers of major projects, in order to support them:

  • during particular periods in the life of projects requiring support (project development, commissioning, heavy works, litigation, etc.).
  • when the contractual or relational context requires a reinforced and high-quality presence (numerous interfaces, risk of conflict of interest, specific context)

What we do

We see our approach to companies and projects as a global mission.
Our experience has proven the increased efficiency of such a system.
We are able to provide, simultaneously or separately, 6 families of services


Project management

Technical and operational management

Contractual management

Financial management

Accounting and tax management

Legal secretariat, social life, governance bodies.

Corporate mandate, supervision, Public relations,
Interfaces (public person, user, administrations,
contractors, investors, lenders, advisers, etc.).

Monitoring of contractual obligations,
steering of monitoring bodies,
risk prevention (HSE in particular),
monitoring of services,
production of reporting.

Claims management, work monitoring, GER monitoring,
monitoring of project progress, management of warranty periods,
monitoring of major modifications, etc.

Management control, budget monitoring,
treasury, financial models, interface
with the accounting firm and CACs, reporting…

Bookkeeping, decrees, closings, tax declarations…